Plex Framework: Constants

Contants CACHE_1MINUTE = 60 CACHE_1HOUR = 3600 CACHE_1DAY = 86400 CACHE_1WEEK = 604800 CACHE_1MONTH = 2592000   ClientPlatforms ClientPlatform.MacOSX ClientPlatform.Linux ClientPlatform.Windows ClientPlatform.iOS ClientPlatform.Android ClientPlatform.LGTV ClientPlatform.Roku Protocols Protocol.DASH Protocol.HTTP Protocol.HLS Protocol.RTMP Protocols (Old) Protocol.Shoutcast Protocol.WebKit Protocol.HTTPStreamingVideo Protocol.HTTPStreamingVideo720p Protocol.HTTPMP4Video Protocol.HTTPMP4Video720p Protocol.HTTPVideo Protocol.HTTPMP4Streaming AudioCodecs AudioCodec.AAC AudioCodec.DCA AudioCodec.MP3 AudioCodec.WMA AudioCodec.WMAP AudioCodec.VORBIS AudioCodec.FLAC VideoCodecs VideoCodec.H263 VideoCodec.H264 VideoCodec.VP6 VideoCodec.WVC1 VideoCodec.DIVX VideoCodec.DIV4 … Read morePlex Framework: Constants


Plex is one of my favorite Media Server & Client software. I have been actively using it and I highly recommend it for organizing your media files. Plex Media Server is running 24/7 on my desktop computer, and contents are streamed to my TV via Roku, to my Android phone and iPad locally or remotely. … Read morePlex