DD-WRT as Wireless Access Point

If you want to enable DD-WRT features on a different router, it is still possible. In my case, my FIOS G1100 router is the main router, while the DD-WRT serves as a wireless access point, but with OpenVPN Server, and Wireless guest enabled.

Initial Setup

Assign static IP address to your secondary router.

Setup > WAN Setup

WAN Connection Type:


Setup > Basic Setup> Network Setup > Router IP

Local IP Address:

Set a Local IP Address that does not conflict with any other devices, and is outside of the gateway DHCP range.

Subnet Mask:

Typical configuration.


Typically, the IP of your main router.

Local DNS:

Typically, the IP of your main router.


WAN Port: 

Optional, but you can utilize the WAN port.

Assign WAN Port to Switch ☑


OpenVPN Server:

To be continued


Guest WAP:

To be continued