Repairing Flash Drives

Repairing flash drives is easier than I thought. I have successful repaired 2 curropted flash drives, and reflash a read-only flash drive:

  1. Transcend 16gb which appeared as an unformatted drive, and will not format at all. Trancend tools didn’t help at all.
  2. Corsair Voyager which tend to hung up Windows.
  3. Windows 8 Read-only flash drives.


Below are steps I took to reflash a read-only Windows 8 flash drive. This method applies to most flash drives.

Step 1: Identify Flash Drive

Use ChipGenius to identify the flash drive’s Controller Part-Number as highlighted in yellow.


Step 2: Reflashing

Download appropriate manufacturer flashing tools. That are a couple of sites. For my example, I searched for SM3257ENLT Tool in Google which led me to SMI Mass Production Tool.

For this tool, I clicked Scan USB and then Start (Space Key).